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Summer Fun and Happiness on the Han River
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Camping, Windsurfing, Film Festivals...Refrshing Summer Pleasures on the Han River

This summer, the Han River will be transformed into a *summer happiness zone* for those seeking relief from the heat.  There are over thirty activities that are planned for the peak vacation season from July 20 - August 20.  Some highlights include: camping by the river, a film festival under the bridge, music concerts, live performances,  star gazing, windsurfing, and rafting.

Camping at Yeouido and Ttukseom

Seoul City plans to install 300 camps at Seoul's island Yeouido, and 100 camps at Ttukseom, located on the eastern end of Seoul's Han River.  In addition to enjoying the outdoors, campers may participate in other activities that have been planned, such as "camping classroom," "playing with trash," "water-games for the children," "camp storytelling contest," and more.  Free Wi-fi installations will be provided by KT and SK at the camp sites.  The camps can be occupied as soon as 3 p.m. in the afternoon until 11 a.m. of the following day.  Reservations can be made online through from mid-June (the web site is only in Korean, however English-speakers may obtain reservation assistance by dialing 120, or 82-2-120 if calling from outside of Korea).  It costs 20,000 won to rent the camp overnight.

Friday evenings: Movies and performances under the bridge

On Friday evenings at 7:30 p.m., there will be free movies that will be shown under six bridges of the Han River, including the Hannam Bridge on the southern end.  At the Jamsil Bridge (southern end), there will be free movies and live performances by nearly 70 performance troupes that specialize in mime, dance, and music.  In addition, at both Jamsil and Hannam bridges, a free stage will be installed so that visitors freely show off their talents.

Concerts on the water: jazz, b-boy, traditional Korean music, and more at Yeoido Floating Stage

Every Wednesday and Saturday evening: jazz concerts
July 21 (Sun) - Open Arts Theater Seoul, jazz, popular music, hip hop, indie
August 4 (Sun) - Ghost Crew (B-boy)
August 11 (Sun) - Performance from Mr. Park Sang-ok, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Korea, and Taekwondo performance from Kukkiwon
August 18 (Sun) - Traditional Korean music concert performed by the Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra

Star gazing along the river

Throughout the summer happiness event, anyone can visit the Ttukseom Culture Complex (뚝섬 전망문화콤플렉스(자벌레))  and the Noeul Cafe at Dongjak Bridge to skywatch during the day and night through telescopes that will be made available to the public.  There will also be professional astronomers who will enlighten the audiences on the inner workings of the cosmos.

Duck boat racing, windsurfing, water sports, swimming

Water sports -- kayaking and sailing -- can be enjoyed at the Ichon Yanghwa Hangang Park.  Boats can be rented for as low as 8,000 won.  Reservations can be made online shortly (website under construction).

Windsurfing can be enjoyed from Mondays through Fridays at the Mangwon Hangang Park without prior reservations. 
Please contact 02-337-6663, 010-9184-5833 for more information.

Duck boat racing - every Wednesday at Yeouido and Ttukseom wharf.  To participate, just go to the sites and apply on-site on the day you want to race.  Inquiries: Yeouido Paradise 011-259-0588, Ttukseom Arirang House 02-447-5554

The seven swimming pools operated by the Hangang Parks Office will open on Friday, June 28 through August 25.

For detailed information on participating in the above activities, please contact 120 on your phone from Seoul, or email


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