DATE : 13-06-27 16:39
Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center Traditional Costume Experience
NAME : 최고관리자
조회 : 7,537

Try on different hanok costumes for free!

Try on various types of hanbok costumes for free at the Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center located on the 5th floor of the M Plaza in Myeongdong. Approximately 30 different hanok costumes are available for people to try on, in addition to various accessories and shoes.

To participate, please visit the center on the day you would like to participate and make a reservation at the door. (Advance reservations not accepted).  Occasionally on-site reservations may close at 1 or 2 p.m. if there are more than the usual number of visitors, so calling ahead is recommended.

Traditional Costumes
Adult Male
Sumunjang (commander of the royal guards) attire
various royal guard attire, military attire, civil officer attire, royal king attire
Adult Female
Various ceremonial hanbok attire, various general hanbok attire,
fusion contemporary hanbok, kisaeng hanbok attire
Ceremonial attire for 10 yrs. old, general hanbok attire for 2, 6, and 13 yrs. old
General hanbok attire for 6, 12 yrs. old, aristocratic hanbok

About the Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center

The Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center is a global cultural exchange venue that is available for anyone who visits Seoul. Interpreters who speak English, Chinese and Japanese are available at this center and can provide information and answer all inquiries regarding Seoul. In addition, information about various traditional cultural experience programs is available. See more


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