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Hangang (River)
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Riverview 8th Avenue

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Riverview 8th Avenue is a resting area built on the Gwangjingyo (Bridge)  as part of the Han River Renaissance Project. It is a cultural venue where visitors can see various musical performances as well as art exhibits and craft shows.  The floor is made of glass, so you can see the Han River beneath your feet.  At night, LED lights brighten the sky, offering fantastic views of the Han River.

The entrance leading to the pedistrian path is wide and holds many trees and benches. 

The bike path on the bridge and a small balcony-like observatory on the side. 

In the middle of the bridge, there is an entrance into the Riverview 8th Avenue (Gwanjingyo 8 beon-ga).

The entrance into the Riverview 8th Avenue (Gwanjingyo 8 beon-ga).

Gwanjingyo's lower observation decks 

Gwangjunggyo is a bridge that links Gwangjang-dong in Gwangjin-gu to Cheonho-dong in Gangdong-gu.  A bicycle path and a pedestrian path line each side of the bridge.  Riverview 8th Avenue is located on Pier 8 and is accessible by taking the stairs found at the middle of the bridge.  The stairs are lit up at night.  Riverview 8th Avenue is a circular structure that is half theater and exhibition space. 

Night view of the Riverview 8th Avenue, located on the lower 8th pier of the bridge.

The stairs are lit by LED lights in the evening.

The upper region of the Han River as seen from pier 8. 

An illustration that details the landscape of the river. 

A view from Riverview 8th Avenue.

Steel structures that connect to the bridge's lower parts.

An eclectic exhibition space 

Riverview 8th Avenue is divided into an exhibition space and a theater, which is locked when there are no performances that day.  The art, craftwork, and photography at the exhibition space changes monthly.  To view the exhibits, you must stand on glass panels overlooking the Han River.  Inside the space, a video of the popular TV drama Iris plays, and there are also photos from the drama.   

The arts and crafts exhibition rotates monthly.

Kim Gye-seon's solo exhibit. 

A view of the Han River from the glass panels on the exhibition space floor. 

A video of the popular drama Iris plays inside the exhibition space.

Enjoying an evening of music on the Han River

The best times to visit Riverview 8th Avenue is on Friday or Saturday to see the evening performances. For information about the performances or to make reservations, you can go to the Riverview 8th Avenue's homepage:  The theater holds up to 60 people, and winners will be chosen by lottery if the number of applicants surpass 60.  Jazz, classic, 7080, hip hop, and various genres of music performances are scheduled.  Because it is a small theater, you will experience the music in an intimate setting and with the beautiful night view of the Han River as the backdrop. 

The performance space.

Instruments laying on the glass floor before the start of a performance.

There is live music every Friday and Saturday evening.

A crossover music performance by Crost Ensemble.

A vending machine on the deck where you can buy beverages. 

The bathrooms are located across the street from the upper level of the bridge.


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