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Boryeong City has abundant resources and beautiful scenery with mountains and beaches. It is a blessed place that has been called world in Boryeong cause the citizens have lived in splendor from generation to generation at the place of the great scenic beauty.

We have invented seven kinds of cosmetics including Mudpack after we processed the qualified and quantified beach mud gathered from the pure plain near the Daecheon swimming beach on July 1996. It was proved by prominent research institutions such as Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science, Korean Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Taepyungyang Technology Institution, Dr. Kim, Jae-baek and the team workers in Wonkwang Univ. etc. that Boryeong Mud cosmetics have much far-infrared factors good for the human body and also have higher Germanium, Mineral and Bentonite contents compared to imported products.

And also, we receive ISO 9002 Certification in 2001. Accordingly, we wanted to make the public aware of the superiority of Boryeong Mud, the good product, Boryeong Mud Cosmetic and also to advertise the sightseeing place including Daecheon swimming beach. So, we held the mud festival in July 1998 for the first time and now we are to bring up this festival into a global event.

Boryeong Mud Festival has been held at Daecheon swimming beach, there is a unique shell-powered sandy beach only found in Eastern countries. So, you may swim and massage with a mudpack at the same time. Furthermore, there are Mud massage programs (Self massage at the Beach, Ultramodern mud massage) and Mud Experiential Land program using mud powder made through the processing procedure, that is, we gather mud from pure plain and remove all impurities.

There are many events such as mud wrestling, mud king contest, mud fireworks fantasy and mud sliding. There will also be a photo competition in which past members have come in first place. This is a high profile event. There is a gorgeous beach there as well, which will come in handy as you won’t have any choice but to get muddy. You will be put into a prison until you get some mud on your body.

You will have the chance to join the adventurous silt extreme training experience. This will be a various marine-type extreme training course on silt such as silt basic training, games, cavalry battles and human pyramid. The mud itself is very good for your skin and health, so you can save money on a facemask and come along with us. At night, you can relax or experience some games and watch fireworks with friends at the gorgeous night beach. The beach itself is very beautiful and a great place to go swimming, and this is one of the biggest festivals in Korea, so please don’t miss out on this great day! Be sure to specify which day you would like to go.

In addition, there are 78 big and small islands including a fantastic one like God kneaded and 36 precious cultural heritages like Woiyeon-do, Muchangpo sea road famous for Mosaic Miracle, Cold pool even you feel chilly in summer, coal Museum, national Treasure, Namhyehwasang Baekwol Bogwang Monument and etc., so visitors can sightsee and enjoy all those things. Hence, we are to let people know Cultural sightseeing in Boryeong as a related activity and also advertise Boryeong Mud Cosmetic broadly to home and abroad.

From Boryeong homepage^^

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